Synergy Business Consulting, Islamabad Corporate,Tax,HR,IP,IT Consultants

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Synergy Business Consulting, Islamabad Corporate,Tax,HR,IP,IT Consultants

Synergy Business Consulting (SBC) was established in year 2012. We are full scale service, support and advisory firm for startups and existing businesses. At SBC, a passionate team of highly qualified and specialist consultants provide excellent Business Advisory, Company Registration and start up services, Company Formation/Incorporation, NGO/NPO establishment, Audit and Taxation services, Intellectual Property registration (Trademark, Copyrights, Patents), HR Services and IT Solutions to businesses, NGOs and individuals—all under one roof. SBC encourages entrepreneurs and SME owner/managers to effectively identify sustainable goals and setting priorities with a short, medium and long term road map to achieve these. SBC’s unique success factor is it’s service excellence through a skilled, experienced and dedicated team of professionals having education and expertise in specialized and diversified areas of business development.

Our Services:

  1. 1.    Business Registration and Corporate Compliance Services:

 Sole proprietorship / Sole trader / One person business registration in Pakistan.

 Partnership Firm registration in Pakistan

 Company Registration in Pakistan:

 Incorporation/ Formation of Single Member Company (SMC) Limited Companies under Companies Ordinance 1984 with Registrar of Companies, Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

 Incorporation/ Formation of Public Limited Companies under Companies Ordinance 1984 with Registrar of Companies, Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan.




  1. 2.            Business/Investment Advisory Services:

This segment of SBC provides advisory services mainly in the following categories:

(a)          Business Advisory:






(b)          Investment Advisory:


Provide consultancy for various investment options available in capital market, money market, fixed income securities, government securities and/or in mutual funds according to the clients’ specific cash-flow requirements and risk appetite.


3.         Financial Audit and Control Services:

 4.         Tax Services:

(a)  Income Tax:

 Applying for and obtaining National Tax Number (NTN) Certificate.

 (b)  Sales Tax:

 Applying for and obtaining General Sales Tax (GST) registration.

 5.         Intellectual Property (IP) Services:

Our major services under IP laws are as under:


6.         Human Resource Services:

            HR Wing of SBC mainly provides services in following two broader categories of HR issues:

(a)          HR Consultancy:


(b)          Training for Professional Development:

Customized training for professional developments of Human Resources for any Individual, Firm, Company and NGOs. These customized trainings may be provided in the following areas:

7.         Information Technology (IT) Solutions:

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Address & Contact

Contact Person:
Muhammad Abdul Hannan
Office No. 2, Block 15-C, G-11/3, Ibn-e-Sina Road, Islamabad-44000, Pakistan
Contact Number:


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